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Welcome to the most exciting sport in the world - Judo !   If it is the sporting factor that rouses you, judo is the martial art for you. Judo, as an olympic event complies with a single world wide standard in accordance with its creator`s vision Dr Jigoro Kano whose genius lay in successfully marrying the martial art of Jujitsu with modern sport science and a philosophy of sportsmanship and mutual benefit.

  • Safe sporting contest and randori (sparring) for fun and personal development, from local club to the Olympics.

  • The study of famous and classic kata.

  • A single world wide standard reaching from the Japanese birth place of Judo, the Kodokan, to every corner of the globe through the International Judo Federation, to which all Olympic nations subscribe.
  • A curriculum that covers age groups from under 10 to - no upper limit!

  • Physical fitness, sport, self defence, history, culture, philosophy, Government and Sports Commission applied standards - Judo - its got the lot.

As an adjunct to sport judo we also offer to active judo players the opportunity to double grade in Kawaishi Jujitsu, a Judo and Kano Ryu Jujutsu based self defence art.
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